5 Reasons Why Digital Rewards Will Disrupt Online Marketing

The window to catch a consumer’s attention is getting smaller and smaller. With thousands of ads, apps, media outlets, and brands competing for attention, you must offer something extra valuable in order to stand out.

Brands know this and they are working hard to create high-value content and discounts to engage their audience. But that isn’t always enough.

When it comes to offering true value, brands need to start stripping it down to its most basic form and offer value that actually has a concrete value. That’s where digital rewards come in.  

Digital rewards are gifts and bonuses sent from a brand to a consumer once the consumer has completed a specific action. These offerings are distributed exclusively online and may exist as codes for free products, subscriptions, gifts cards, and special offers.

In a jaded marketplace where consumers have seen it all, these digital offers can make a big impact because they hit the sweet spots of marketing that work now and will continue to work in the future.  

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Why I’m Not Mad at Seth Godin for Calling Me Out at Authority Intensive

“Don’t be a wondering generality.”

When Seth Godin uttered that phrase at Copyblogger Authority Intensive, he looked through the crowd of 400 eager faces, found mine, and called me out.

No one else was involved. It was me and the smartest mind in the marketing world, one-on-one and he was telling me, just me, “stop being such a wuss.”

GodinWell, that may not be exactly how it happened. But that is pretty much how it felt.

When someone says something that rattles your core, it’s hard to not take it personally. But I have no hard feelings for Seth Godin for calling me out on my shortcomings in front of a crowd of hundreds of people. It needed to be said.

See, I’m a person who likes to please everyone. I don’t take sides. I play it safe. I usually don’t commit to one thing because then, I can’t plan on doing everything.

I call this harmless indecisiveness. But Seth Godin and the rest of Authority Intensive taught me better.

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7 Links That Create Some Severe Wanderlust

Since I do so much writing about marketing and blogging in my day-to-day, I’ve decided to shift gears on my blog a bit. Instead of writing about writing, I’m going to use this blog as a place to share the things that inspire me and might inspire you too.

I think there is no better place to begin than with something that inspires me most — travel. So here are seven of my favorite travels links that I hope will trigger something in you too.

1. Mother Earth Has a Twitter Account and It’s as Good as You’d Expect It to Be

I’m not sure where the amazing photos on Earth Pics come from, but they almost make me believe God has social media.


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What Facebook Home Commercials Say About Us

When I first saw the Facebook Home commercials, I thought it was a joke. Maybe an SNL spoof of the future — self-involved, smart phone zombies glued to our devices and completely tuned out of the reality around us. I expected Bill Hader to pop out at any minute.

But it was real alright. And so were the social implications of its message… cell phone social media may have made us more antisocial than ever.

Anyone else a little concerned about what the Facebook Home commercials say about us?

We only care about our online “friends.”

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Woman In Bitchness… I Mean Business

I was in the bookstore this week browsing the business section when I came across these two books sitting next to each other.

Now don’t get me wrong, I get it.

The marketing behind these books make them eye catching and interesting. Using the word “bitch” makes the titles edgy and modern. They are books written by woman for woman in attempt to tear down a stereotype by poking fun at it. I get it, and I’m not entirely offended by it.

But it did make me think of something else I recently heard that did offend me.

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Grossed Out by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Hundreds of miles off the coast of California, a new continent is growing. Already the size of Texas, this mass continues to swell in size with each passing day. It is a floating heap that can’t be stopped, and it is entirely made of garbage.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch was first discovered in 1997 by Charles Moore and his crew while sailing through an isolated area of ocean west of the California coast. During his cruise, Moore was shocked to find thousands of pieces of garbage floating near the surface of the water.

He was so distraught by the amount of garbage he saw that he returned to dry land with a mission to spread the word about this ever-growing trash pile.

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Exhale Into Art

Hundreds of delicate spirals swirl spontaneously into one another creating an illusion of one entity. Rippling fluid forms stretch outward reaching for the ocean, and blooms of smooth florets climb upward to the sky.

While visiting one of Dale Chihuly’s glass exhibits, it is easy to become so immersed by the organic imagery of his art that at times, it can seem impossible to tell where manmade sculpture ends and nature begins. Each piece exhibits a balanced, natural tone of spontaneous yet planned form, much like life itself.


It could be that the life in the art comes from the human breath that is responsible for bringing the forms to fruition. “The process is so wonderfully simple, yet so mystifying. I’ve watched thousands of forms blown and I’m still amazed to see the first breath of air enter the hot gather of glass on the end of a blowpipe,” expressed Chihuly. [Read more...]

Before Hot Spots Were WiFi

It is no secret that New Zealand is home to a vast amount of beautiful and diverse topography. Staggering cliffs, rugged mountains, endless fiords and secluded beaches are among the many breathtaking sights scattered throughout the adventurous countryside. But there is also an often overlooked aspect of the Kiwi’s diverse geography… the natural, unique features formed by the country’s geothermal hotspots.

The most wondrous examples of New Zealand’s geothermal activity can be found in area called Wai-O-Tapu, which is a Maori word for “Scared Waters.” This region, located just outside of Rotorua, is about a three hour drive south of Auckland and is home to a beautifully diverse landscape of cavernous craters and colorful pools formed by hydro thermal eruptions that took places hundreds of years ago.


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